High-tech Digital Mobile billboards

Digital Mobile Advertisement Displays


Creating Your Ads

Where there is a road or a parking place, we can go there to broadcast the story of your organization or business. Your images, videos, audio tracks, and even live-streamed events will 

be seen and heard by the communities you want to engage most. 

Clients are responsible for the production of digital ad displays. Boom Digital Ads is able to offer ad production at an additional cost which is negotiated per project. 


Display area:

  • Sides: 8’H x 16’W
  • Rear: 8’H x 7’W

Artwork Scale

  • Sides: (H 672 pixels) x (W 1440 pixels); dpi:72; Minimum Font Size: 40 pt
  • Rear: (H 672 pixels) x  (W 576 pixels); dpi:72; Minimum Font Size: 85 pt

Digital Specifications:

  • Videos 
    • Resolution: 720 x 1080
    • Format: MP4, MOV, LIVE FEED
  • Format Image: JPEG, PNG, PDF